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We Love Venezia is a tourist services consulting agency.

Just like a taxi, we have the purpose of transporting you trough the area with the experience that only a taxi driver has of its territory.

And like a taxi driver, the tourist services consultant knows Venice, the islands without overshadowing the wealth of the Veneto region, which would be nothing without the peculiarity of the population that lives there. Veneto is sea, lakes, lagoons, rivers, mountains. And each one of these places is represented by a kaleidoscopic multitude of suppliers of experience and services.

Discovering them with the help of those who have gained knowledge and respect for all this can offer you unparalleled experiences. Here is that We Love Venezia proposes itself to Tour Opetators as much as to Agencies or individual travelers to put them in connection with these realities which, due to their peculiarities, could be difficult to find.

Federico Drigo Santo Stefano Venezia

Statue of Niccolò Tommaseo on Campo Santo Stefano in Venice.
Sculpted by Francesco Barzaghi (1839-1892), was inaugurated on March 22 1882.

Photography: Federico Drigo

We Love Venezia - Trip advisor - Traveller's choice
We Love Venezia - Trip advisor - Traveller's choice

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